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  Vu Super TV

Mail. Poke. Tweet. Download. Chat. Surf. Do whatever. Wireless broadband, live king size video chat, news feeds. All on Vu's super TV. It's interactive. It's intelligent. It's here.

Any one can connect a PC to an LCD externally; Vu Technologies made that connection internally, the result - Super TV. This Vu invention has the ability to run Microsoft Windows operating system on the TV itself without connecting any exterior devices. Vu believes in adding more luxury to the technology it creates. Now you can surf the net and watch a movie or TV program simultaneously. Exploring the world is as easy as pressing a button.

The Vu Super TV comes with a remote and a Wireless Keyboard that works from a distance of 33 feet, so you can flip channels and add text, depending on your mood.

Connect to the internet or any other device and stream movies, music, photos and other data through wire or WiFi.

World's 1st TV that lets you store upto 500 GB of data. Now store all your movies, music, games, and photos on your Super TV and enjoy it with or without the internet.

Only TV with Intel platform. Now upgrade the hardware and software and be in tune with technology.

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